Friday, May 8, 2015

What Does My Palm Read?

Palm reading has been around for tons of years, and it’s still popular today. And one true thing is that almost people are a little bit inquisitive about what their hands tell them. So, what does my palm read? Do you know that it’s rather easy to read the palm? If you’re a shy person, this way will be useful for you to receive fortune-telling predictions. Why don’t you follow us and learn a fun way to read palms for yourself as well as your friends?

Read 4 major lines on your palm now!

  • The Heart line can be determined from the index finger to the pinkie finger. It mentions all matters about love. If this line begins below the index finger, the bearer will have a gratifying love life. In case that it begins under the middle finger, the bearer is quite selfish in love. If the Heart line begins somewhere between the first finger and the middle finger, the bearer can fall in love with ease. If the bearer owns a short Heart line, that means he has a little interest in romance.

  • The Head line is under the Heart line, and it denotes the bearer’s wisdom or intelligence. The straight line signifies structure and practicality while the curvy line represents spontaneity and creativeness. If the bearer has a wavy line, he might have a short attention span. Meanwhile, a long and deep line will describe a focused and clear thinker. In case that the bearer owns a straight line, it means that he is a realist.

  • The Life line starts near the thumb and runs in an arc towards the wrist. This line mainly reflects your character and significant events in your life. Don’t worry too much because its length doesn’t show your time of death. If the bearer has a curvy and wide line, he will have a little of energy. In case that this line is very near to the thumb, the bearer is often tired and has a low energy. Meanwhile, having a deep and long Life line will show a great vitality.

  • The Fate line is often read in conjunction with the Life line to disclose the future. But, the truth thing is that not everyone has this line on their palm. If the bearer has a strong Fate line, that means his life will be strongly controlled by destiny. In case that there are some breaks in this line, he will face up to external forces.

Inaddition, if you want to learn other lines in palms and their meanings, why don’t you follow us and consult to add further useful information. We’re pleased and willing to support you any time.