Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ask Question Crystal Ball

If you want to get an effective and good result in a crystal ball reading, you should hold a state of concentration during an extended period of time, and you need to relax deeply to penetrate into a state of trance. This state will help you work perfectly with the crystal ball to access secret information from your common walking state. There are lots of ways to grasp the information. Sometimes, you are able to see images from your mind’s eyes rather than in the ball. Or sometimes, you can see a vision of this crystal ball i.e. the change of the color. The best thing is to select the ball that you’re attracted to. In case that you want to ask question crystal ball, try to look at below.

  • Does he/she love me?
  • Is he/she my Mr. /Ms. Right?
  • Will I marry her/him?
  • Should I change my current job?
  • Will my ex come back to me?
  • I have a new task, will I do well?
  • Will she/he and I meet again?
  • Is he lying to me?
  • Am I in trouble?
  • Will my desire come soon?
  • Which one is better – job or business?

Some techniques you should do to perform a crystal ball reading
First of all, you need to place the crystal ball in a dark and quiet room. Light a candle to highlight the ball. Then sit comfortably and try to call back to you all of the energy from the universe. Keep in mind to relax and calm your mind by breathing slowly and deeply. Next, you should focus on the crystal ball in order to create the combination of your energy and aura. Owing to that, you are able to feel the energy of the ball.

Try to find a spot on the surface of the crystal ball and concentrate on it until you get an impression from it. Please don’t think anything when doing it. In case that you want to close your eyes, you should try to do some mantra. After everything is completed well, it’s time to ask the crystal ball your question and let the impressions enter into your mind. Continue until you feel the demand to end the process. When finishing, you should release tensions you might have left in this reading and be slow to turn back your common state. Finally, please not forget to clear yourself as well as your ball.

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