Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How To Use Tarot Cards For Beginners?

Tarot first appeared in Italy in the 15th century, and it was used as a card game. However, until the 18th century, it has been availed in the divinatory arts. Until now, it has become a popular fortune-telling tool. When observing each Tarot card, you can recognize that its symbolism will bring an insight into a person’s feelings and events on each specific situation. Furthermore, the art of Tarot divination is a way of utilizing your intuition to acquire a better understanding of not only your life, feelings and emotions, but also others are significant in your life. So, how to use Tarot cards for beginners? Come with us and consult some basic steps below now!

Ways to conduct a Tarot card reading

  • Step 1 – You need to purchase a Tarot pack that you like and a book that can interpret the explanation of all the 78 cards. In case that you start making acquaintance with the Tarot world, please choose Rider Waite deck. But, if you are attracted by any deck, you can buy it because it can channel your energy quite well.

  • Step 2 – Keep in mind that setting up a relaxing atmosphere is quite necessary so that you can gather thoughts on the Tarot cards. The ideal atmosphere will be peaceful, quiet and without distractions.

  • Step 3 – Try to ask the Querent to shuffle the cards because when shuffling, the cards can receive the power from the Querent.

  • Step 4 – After shuffling, please ask the Querent to cut the cards and require him/her to think about their questions.

  • Step 5 – Pick up the suitable spread for the Querent’s questions. There are various spreads that you can use during the reading. Amongst, some readers often avail common spreads such as 1-card Tarot spread, 3-card Tarot spread (mentions past, present and future), 5-card Horseshoe spread, or the Celtic Cross. You need to determine the questions carefully before choosing the spread.

  • Step 6 – Please ask the Querent to select each card for each position in the chosen spread. According to the readers, this action will help the Tarot cards receive their power for revealing secret information.

  • Step 7 – After that, start interpreting each card meaning by following the Tarot book. Keep in mind that the Tarot card has two different sections as the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Meanwhile, the Minor Arcana is continually divided into 4 different suits as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

Well, here are just some basic steps to start a simple Tarot reading. Do you want to understand more by conducting a 3-cardTarot reading? Follow us and find out interesting information now!