Friday, June 19, 2015

Déjà Vu Seeing The Future

What is called Déjà vu? It’s described as a feeling that you have experienced or witnessed a new situation previously. This term means “already seen” or “paramnesia”. It is mainly used to explain the strange feelings that you’ve been in before, but have not. It is a perception that can be activated by visiting somewhere for the first time or have a discussion with someone. This feeling might be strong, often making people stop their tracks. They have a tendency to strain their brain to remember if it is something that has truly occurred. And when they can recognize that it hasn’t, it might be very disconnecting.

Does Déjà vu help you in seeing the future? Well, you should know that your consciousness has a wonderful ability to travel to other dimensions. The most terrific thing is that you can do it all the time, particular when you go to bed. The dream is described as the most powerful tool that is associated with Déjà vu. For those who have experienced, they believe that they simply remember their dream that they have had in the past. And it’s also called a thought of as a psychic capacity as well.

The main reason for causing the Déjà vu
Well, there are lots of varying theories about why you are able to experience Déjà vu. According to scientists, it mainly starts from one side of the brain that is usually “in charge” of a specific skill. Another explanation for this phenomenon is that there is a split second delay in bringing information from one side of the brain to the remaining one. One side of the brain will take the information twice and make the person sense that the event had occurred before.

Another idea that has been put forward is that this phenomenon will be connected to the memories of previously forgotten dreams. Commonly, some dreams will leave powerful impressions and make senses to some people so that they can save in their unconscious mind. Truly, Déjà vu is something that is possible never to be interpreted completely. It’s strange and mysterious and makes us have different feelings than before we have experienced it.  

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